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Mole computer examination by Photofinder

If you have a mole that seems you suspicious, gets larger, changes its shape or colour, there is nothing easier than to have it examined professionally by the Photofinder apparatus. Mole monitoring is of the principal significance in the prevention of the most dangerous type of skin cancer, so-called melanoma.

How it works

Doctor will take a snap of your mole by Photofinder and will analyze it by computer. The mole dangerousness is determined statistically according to colours measured by the apparatus and the score is shown by a cursor on a scale from the green, through the yellow up to the red colour. The green colour indicates a harmless mole which can be removed by laser without any problem.

If the cursor is situated in the yellow or red colour area, you will be recommended to have the mole removed by surgery with a subsequent histological analysis.

However, the analysis by Photofinder is just one of the methods of mole analysis used by an experienced doctor to determine a diagnosis.