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Removal of moles

Do you think that your mole decreases your beauty or are you in doubts whether it is all right and does not hide any melanoma threat? Doctors in our centre know well what to do in any situation.

Before the mole removal itself, you will be examined carefully by dermatologist who will determine whether your mole is harmless and may be removed by laser or will recommend you an in-depth examination by Photofinder to get to know if the mole may be removed by laser or if it is better to remove it by surgery and send it to a histological analysis.

How it works

The laser treatment lasts only several minutes. The treated site must be covered with a plaster for about a week.
No scar remains after the mole removed by laser. Just a little white area may appear temporarily, but it disappears after some time.
It is more convenient to have moles removed during autumn and winter months when the skin is not exposed to high temperatures and the sunshine.


Order about 2-3 weeks before the procedure at the phone number 542 211 719.