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Scar removal

Have you a scar reminding you of an unpleasant accident which happened in your childhood? Are you ashamed to dress your swimsuit so as the whole swimming-pool not to see your reminder of surgery? Or have you striae on your body which occurred after childbirth or a fast loss of weight? No matter how your scar was produced, you will probably want to get rid of it.

How it works

Scars and striae may have many forms requiring different methods of treatment. Before starting the treatment, it is always necessary to consult the doctor who will decide about further procedure. To remove keloid, surface, sunken, hypertrophic, white or livid scars and striae, we use vaporization lasers, lasers working on the photothermolysis principle, injection infiltrations, a pulse light, massages and other methods. The number of treatments depends on the type of scar and the selected methods of treatment.