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Removal of cellulite

Is cellulite bothering you? Have you tried many preparations and exercises, but nothing helped you? We know what to do and will help you too.

How it works

Cellulite is produced from relaxation of connective tissue fibres of subcutis fat layer and occurs mainly on buttocks and thighs. The result is an unsightly “orange peel” skin and, as you know, it is very difficult to get rid of it.

Our solution has two parts. The first part consists of using body cosmetic products, massages, packs and myostimulation. The second part consists in using a radiofrequency apparatus which will restore the smooth appearance of your skin in a relatively short time. We will advise what exercise will help you and will prescribe you a diet that should be followed during the anti-cellulite treatment.

Fighting with cellulite is a long-distance race. But we will win together.